Can I pay online or over the phone?

       No;. Must go to the office!

Car Rental is if you want to use our car for your DMV exam! Must do 2hr Road Lesson & be a SAFE driver! 

8hr Safe Practice Class; Is a mandatory class. Not Road lessons.

Do I need a permit to start the class?

      No; that's why we are here. To help prepare you.

Can I do a road lesson if i don't have a permit?

      No! Everyone must have a permit to go on the road.

Do the Full Course cover DMV fees?

     No; Dmv charges are separte. $40 for the vison, knowledge            &road exam. $19 for the permit. $72 for the license.

Do you have a payment plan for the Full Course?

     Yes. $100 to start. Once payment is made in full then you              can schedule your road lesson as long as you have your permit.



     Our Policy

*No Refund

*All Service must be      completed

with-in 6months

*Duplicate CS-1=$25

older then3years=$50